Friday, May 8, 2009

I want to address something today, that affects each one of us, on an almost daily basis.

Mustaches. They can project power, or something else, that I am having trouble quantifying. I don't know what to call it.

Example of a Power Mustache: State Troopers and Police, Civil War Generals

Example of (other?) Mustaches: all blond mustaches, thin, sparse mustaches

To further expound on this topic I have some photo-examples;

Power mustaches: 5-8

"Weak?" mustaches: 1-4

I personally believe that in order to successfully wear a "stache" you must choose a power "stache". All others are inferior and should be abolished. Frankly, I think they're gross.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


myspace layouts

myspace layouts

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Elderly

I have the utmost respect for the aged. I dislike ageism, and when advertisers and the media portray the elderly as incompetent, demented, and feeble. I don't think it is funny to laugh at their struggles and the slow and sometimes painful walk to the grave.

However, why do they do stuff like this? They will get no special treatment from me, when they are asking for it. I never see an older person in the media, that I can say, "Oh, that could be my grandma", or "He is a strong and sharp individual". Its like, "Oh that robot is helping that old lady" or "Why are those old people giving me the finger?", "Why does that woman have to wear such a tight unitard whilst working out?" , " I hope their teeth don't come out from eating all that corn on the cob"

What do you think?? Am I nuts? (yes) Can you provide examples of strong, sharp elderly persons from the media??


Everybody has seen this kid.....maybe you are this kid........ you know the one, the one who has the kool-aid ring around his mouth.
Maybe he has sticky hands, sweatpants with holes, maybe he wears ninja turtle velcro tennis shoes.

He's naughty, he is running around the grocery store. He's knocking shit down, and his fat mom is yelling at him. She doesn't want to put forth the effort to curb his behavior, but believes she escapes judgment, and maybe responsibility for his actions, "I told him not to stick his hand into the opening on the crane game." and so forth...

The point is, I know his name. More of these kids are named Cody, than any other name. I call them Codys.

Follow this link to a site where you can see the breakdown by state, where Cody is a popular name, and even how many Codys were named that year.

As you can see from the accompanying chart, the name Cody is most popular in the frontier states. I can see why, as it is quite a gem.

To further support my claim ; (

I'm a school teacher and every Cody that I've had has been the "rough-and-tumble" sort.

What do you think? Have any stories or pics??

Celebrities Crying

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