Friday, July 31, 2009

Here are some laughs I have been collecting

Theres no story or observation behind this one but these are some laughs I have been collecting. Tell me what you think. Please feedback is welcome and appreciated.
Ok one observation, Kyle and I found this monkey tea pot on clearance, I wonder why. Also I think this cat is having a bad day.

Why are good "B" movies so hard to find?

Recently I viewed a lovely film called Santa Claws, wherein a man dressed as Santa went around murdering porn stars with a garden claw. Here's the thing. I loved it. I love movies that are so cheap and unrealistic, it is almost as if the producers know my hearts desire.
The problem is that finding such films is almost near impossible these days, however back in the day they were everywhere. This is probably due to the fact that computer created graphics and special effects were not readily available as much, but what do I know? So I uncovered a few gems that I'd like to share with you.
Now if any of these is your favorite film... I apologize..................You are an idiot, and not in the savant way either.